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Samsung Flaunts Its Smartphone Lead By Opening An R&D Center On Nokia’s Doorstep



Not content with following Nokia’s past playbook, by saturating the mobile market with countless iterations of its smartphone hardware, pushing a whole Galaxy of gizmos at every price point and form-factor fancy you can think of, Samsung has gone one further. It’s opened an R&D centre in Espoo, Finland, right on Nokia’s doorstep. Literally on Nokia’s doorstep. If you were in any doubt that Samsung is the new Nokia, this really has to be the final call.

Samsung said the R&D facility, its first in Northern Europe, is being located in Finland because of “the excellent technology development eco-system in Finland”. Which is basically another way of saying ‘thanks to Nokia, and the tech skills of the local people who likely acquired them working at or with Nokia at some point over the past several decades’. Nokia’s presence in Finland has helped build a thriving startup culture, thanks to…

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Steve Wozniak gives Windows Phone a “friend, not a tool” status


If you remember we reported that Tango firmware update is available on NaviFirm for Lumia 710 and 800c. Now the update variants for Lumia 710 seems to be available for many more countries. Check the screenshot below. So the update release seems to be closer now.

Also in one of very interesting revelations, 1600.3030.8773.12120 update’s brief changelog is out and is bringing much awaited Tethering or internet sharing ability  to Lumia 710 and 800C for now.

Other changes are Nokia News, Sportstracker and Creative studio apps as standard on the device.

Check the screenshots below posted by

So once again we are keeping our fingers crossed and wait for the time when this update is going to hit the devices. But seems it will bring much cheer as “tethering ability” is finally here with other many benefits which were supposed to come with Tango or WP7.5 refresh update.

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