Windows Phone 7 – Your Ideas

The exciting thing about Windows Phone 7 is that it is relatively young Device/OS. However what it has accomplished in the short amount of time is outstanding. I used to own a HTC desire Rooted with CyanogenMOD 7.1. and even tho it an amazing platform in its own right and it is not short of features, fuctions or tweaks, you had to be a passionate techie to appreciate it.

I bought the Nokia Lumia 800 the day after it was launched, and it was love at first sight. I couldn’t fault it (expect the little charge flap…), it did what I want it to do without having to fiddle with settings or tweaks… It just worked.

As I got more comfortable with the phone I realized few things could be improved e.g. Filter the People tile, hide people that interest me less than other, no USB storage or Setting backup. So I started looking for a way to send this feedback to Microsoft, and hence I found Suggestion Box.

The idea is that each user starts off with 10 votes and they have the option to give up to 3 votes for an idea or an improvement. Once the idea is closed their allocated votes for that idea is put back into the pool to be used somewhere else.

Key Features:

– This app connects your Windows Phone to the Windows Phone Suggestion Box forum (
– Suggest new capabilities and features
– Browse current suggestions (sortable by top ideas, hot ideas and new ideas)
– Comment on submitted suggestions – Add up to three votes to suggestions

This app gives the users a sense of community, their voices are heard, and ultimately Microsoft cares about their opinion, and that’s what we want from any paid service.


so check it out and let me know what you think.

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